How To Get Ink Out Of Clothes?

I was grading some papers and using my red ink pen that really marks well. Then I got a phone call from a cousin who does not know when to stop talking. When I finished the phone call, I noticed that I had a big smear of red ink on my pants. These pants were fairly new.

How could I do something so stupid. The pants are probably ruined other wearing them to work in the yard.

So, I headed to the computer and quickly did an Internet search for how to get ink out of clothes. The first link that I clicked was and they had a great suggestion.

The top responder said to spray hair spray on the ink spot and let it sit for a minute. Then rub gently and run under cold water. Repeat until the ink is gone.

I did this one time and most of the ink was gone. I did it a second time and it got out all of the ink. Thank you Yahoo answers and the users who answer the questions.

Author: ParentingUncle

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