How to React to Too Many Parenting Help Offers

How to React to Too Many Parenting Help Offers

How do you react to friends and family?s parenting help offers, especially if you do not believe their tips? Now, advice from your own parents is a wholly different issue. Not believing in their advice is equivalent to not believing that you were raised right. Of course, you can argue that the times are different and that there are new studies that you are following. Most of the times, however, the real reason behind the antagonistic reaction is that you feel insulted, criticized and observed through a magnifying glass. After all, you are the parent now. Why is everyone giving you parenting help offers without being asked? Is there something wrong with the way you are handling your baby or the way you are raising your child? Here are some of the ways you should react to unwanted offers:

Be understanding

Friends and family do not mean any harm. Well, they could have been a little bit apprehensive at first, especially if you are taking care of your first baby. However, your responsible actions could have changed all that. Now, you are free to think that they are just offering advice because they love you and your child. ?It just so happens that what they think could best show that love is through providing parenting help or tips. If your own mom or dad seems worried about your baby all the time, do not think of it as a reflection on your own parenthood. As new grandparents, your parents just want the best for your baby. They would have wanted to care for your baby themselves but recognize that it is your turn to be a parent.

Take the good from everything

It cannot be helped that there are times advice sound more like criticism. Do not totally discount the particular advice, however. If you think that the parenting advice will benefit your child, follow it. Do not let your pride get in the way of your baby?s proper upbringing and care. Ignore the possibly negative tones coming from the advice giver. Just accept tips with an objective air.

Be open-minded

In relation to the previous point, you can see how important objectivity can be. So, do not just trust your own beliefs in bringing up a child. Listen to other people?s advice or opinion on a particular parenting subject. Get to know other people?s personal experiences. If you are taking care of your first child, this is especially important. You do not have experience to turn to. Books also cannot compare to personal experiences. Of course, books could supplement the tips coming from your family and friends. Books provide vital scientific explanation.

The next time a family member or a friend starts giving you advice on how to take care of your baby or to raise your child, listen to the person first. If you agree with the advice, you can implement it. Be grateful for people who are willing to give time to provide advice. If you do not agree with the advice, be thankful still but follow your own way. Consult a pediatrician for professional advice.

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