How to Unstick A Jar Lid

I bought some white corn chips and a jar of medium chunky salsa yesterday. When I got home and was ready to have my snack, I could not get the jar lid unstuck. I tried again last night and again a couple of times today with no luck.

Tonight I called my brother’s wife to see if she had any tricks to help unstick the jar lid. My brother answered the phone. He said that he was the one who always had to get stuck jar lids open when his wife could not open them.

He told me to run real hot water over the jar lid and try not to let the water run over the glass jar. He said that I may have to do this for a while. He said that heating the jar lid would make it expand and then it would open fairly easily. Then to take a cloth and completely cover the jar and lid. The cloth will help the wet jar from slipping in your hand. Try to grip the lid all the way around instead of just in a couple of places. Then I should be able to open the jar with the stuck lid.

I did as he said and the jar came open as he said that it would.

I have heard people to say bump on the lid to make it open. I was afraid that I would bend the lid and make it even tougher to open or break the jar. There is also a jar lid opening device, but I did not have one of these.

I did a quick Internet search, and found someone who said that they use a church key (jar opener) and press the point down right in the middle of the jar lid and bump on it to make a small hole in the middle of the lid. This releases the pressure and you are able to open the lid.

Do you have any other tricks to safely unstick a jar lid. Let us know.

Author: ParentingUncle

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