Hug a Veterans Day….

Hug a Veteran Day

Today is National Hug a Veterans Day.  Of course I know it’s not actually “Hug” a Veteran Day, but it should be!

Every Parent that has ever watched a child head out the door on the way to boot camp, knows exactly what I mean.  You just want to hug them and say “Not my child” but at the same time you are so proud of them.  Fear fills your throat and respect fills your heart.

Every Spouse left behind that has ever had to sleep in that big empty bed, knows what I mean.  If you could just feel their arms around you one more time.

Every Child who has watched their Mommy or Daddy drive away, knowing that it could me months before they see them again, knows what I mean.   Just one more hug, one more day with Daddy.  Every night they wait for Daddy or Mommy to come through that door.

The sacrifices of these Men and Women, along with their families can never be honored enough…  There are not enough hugs to compensate for the ones lost.

Take time today to hug a Vet, Thank a Vet and Pray for a Vet.


While you’re at it …. don’t forget their families.

Author: ParentingMaven

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