I hate you Mommy…

I hate you Mommy

My son only said those words to me once. You would think I would be crushed and end up a sobbing mess at the sting of those words.

He was somewhere around 5 years old and at that selfish stage, when kids think they are always right and that parents are there to serve.

I’m not sure what started the argument, but I remember him stamping his foot, pointing his finger at me and with venom spitting out the words.. “I hate you Mommy”.

At first I was shocked, but I quickly responded in a calm voice, with a big smile. “No you don’t … you love me… you will always love me… you love me more than any of your toys, your friends and even yourself”

Then I went in for the kill with “And I love you…. more than anything else…. more than anyone else…I will always love you… forever and ever and ever”

Suddenly, his face changed and we both began to laugh so hard our sides hurt.

From that day on… there has never been a question in either of our minds about LOVE.

Now…. LIKE that’s a different matter.


Author: ParentingMaven

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