I Washed And Dried My Flash Drive

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I Washed And Dried My Flash Drive

Today I decided to wash clothes. Unfortunately I had a mishap but everything came clean in the end.

Yes, I thought I had checked all the pockets but I missed the one with the flash drive or jump drive. I am usually very avid about checking all of the pockets on shirts and pants before washing clothes. I also make sure that all of the sleeves are not turned under and that the collars are straight.

My excuse for this blunder is that I have had a bad cold for the last week. In addition, to the bad cold the coughing and sneezing agitated my sciatic nerve. The cold medication also makes me drowsy.

Whatever the excuse, when I washed clothes, I had one pair of dirty blue jeans so I just put them in with the dress clothes. I heard a noise of something clinging in the dryer but I just thought that it was probably the metal button on the blue jeans.

When I began taking the clothes out of the dryer, out fell the flash drive. A flash drive with 8 GB of memory. Luckily I had only been using this flash drive for about a month. I just knew that it was ruined since it was washed in detergent and then dried in the dryer.

After I finished folding the clothes, I checked out the flash drive. The computer recognized it. I opened each folder and clicked on some files in each folder. To my surprise everything was fine.

I don’t recommend washing and drying your flash drive, but I don’t have a virus on my flash drive.

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