Is Child Abuse YOUR Problem?

KidSafe Parenting Help   As parents we want to believe the child abuse could never effect someone we love.  Not OUR child, not OUR children’s friends and certainly not in our safe little neighborhood.  We want to believe that ALL the teachers, little league coaches and babysitters we entrust OUR children to would never abuse a child.  However, as the following article from KidSafe Foundation shows, the statistics show there is a good chance we already know a child that is being abused.

Please take the time to educate yourself and learn how to protect the ones you love.   ~ Nikki  Parenting Help Me

Is Child Abuse YOUR Problem?

What happens to you when you read stories everyday about child abuse?

A day does not go by without story after horrible story of child abuse in the news. We don’t know how you feel about it, but it seems to us it’s getting worse.

As Child Safety Experts and Co-founders of KidSafe Foundation our mission is to Educate Adults and Children to Prevent Child Abuse. However, after teaching over 30,000 children and providing our seminars, workshops and trainings to thousands of adults – we are not even making a dent, it’s not enough and it’s so frustrating.

On one hand we are so glad to see survivors coming forward to share their stories as we know not only are they beginning the healing process for themselves but potentially saving hundreds of other children from harm. Yet, as each story is reported, many more pop up and unfortunately the human mind can only take so much before they start to faze out, compartmentalize, and become desensitized to these stories. This is our fear.

Why do we fear this? Because child abuse is an epidemic and if we start tuning out and turning away from these stories we will not be able to make a difference and prevent children from harm. We need everyone’s help to fight this battle and change the “reported” Statistics of 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys being sexually exploited before the age of 18. Please stop, and reread that stat and make it personal. Think right now how many children are in your child’s class in school, baseball team, dance class, even in your family and so on?

Now think about the fact that most children do not report – so that stat is actually low. With that said, it’s reasonable that some of your children’s friends, classmates and teammates are being sexually abused right now. Can you turn away from that fact? Can you compartmentalize it? Are you desensitized by it? Our culture is so reactive and personal. For most people if it does not affect them directly well than it just doesn’t affect them – hence the reason for this blog.

Author: ParentingMaven

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