Is there a sex offender next door?

Is there a sex offender next door?

This recent comment received on a Post on Parenting was so important that I thought we should make it a Post. It’s a must read for every Parent.

No parent is over-reacting when it comes to protecting their children. You can do a FREE search for offenders in your neighborhood by going to In the “find offenders” box, type in your home address. A map will appear showing where any offenders may live or work in your area. If you click on the tiny colored squares on the map, a new screen will pop-up that actually shows you a picture of the offender and gives you other pertinent information about the offender. In your case, I think the fall festival sounds like a better idea.

Please Pass this on to your friends and family… but remember this is not a witch hunt, it’s only another means to keep Parents well informed.

Author: ParentingMaven

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