It’s A Flat Stanley World

It’s A Flat Stanley World

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Every parent of elementary school aged children is familiar with the adventures of Flat Stanley.  Part of the joy of Flat Stanley is getting him to appear with famous people or in famous locations

I was first introduced to Flat Stanley when my son was a wee little one.  As most parents are aware, Flat Stanley has traveled the world in the company of dignitaries, politicians, actors, athletes and children of all ages.

At times. poor Flat Stanley seemed out of place in our bulky world, but over the past few years the world seems to be conforming to Flat Stanley.  There are flat screen TV’s, flat screen monitors, flat ipads, flat tablets, flat computers and flat phones everywhere.

This years biggest and best gifts are all FLAT.Parenting Help Parenting Help Tips

As I watched customer after customer leaving the local Walmart with their flat stuff, I couldn’t help but wonder how they were going to display all those TVs and monitors.  Not one of the people I saw had any kind of mounting or stands included.  How were they going to see the thing?

Im thinking… this year Moms everywhere will be rushing to order their flat monitor stands at the last minute like my Mom did with the last minute “Oops I forgot the batteries” scramble.

Happy Holidays Flat Stanley …. the World is yours!

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