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How to Safeguard Your Children from Possible Dangers of the Internet

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Parenting in this modern world is far different from it was before. More and more children today are hooked up on their cell phones, tablets, computers and game systems, the majority of them are unsupervised by their parents. Despite the advantage of the internet in terms of communication and research, the internet is a very dangerous place for your children. Possible dangers are just lurking around the corner and children are the main target of online predators and cyber bullying. Moreover, they may come across websites that present inappropriate content, data theft and malicious software. Fortunately, ways can be undertaken to safeguard your children from the possible dangers of the internet. Here is a few tips to help safeguard your children.

First, be physically present when your children use the internet. Never allow your children to use the internet without your supervision. This will keep your children from the temptation of opening dubious websites. Moreover, the majority of internet websites have what they call redirects. Redirects are simple links seen on the web page that once clicked, it will transfer you anywhere. If your child encounters these redirects without your presence, he or she may end up viewing websites that are designed for adults only. Hence, it is important that you are physically present when your child uses the internet.

Second, install parental control software. Make use of these internet safety programs which are designed in blocking inappropriate content of dubious websites and in filtering the information your child gets. This software works by allowing access to particular websites or filtering any inappropriate materials. Moreover, the program also has the ability to inhibit children in playing improper online games. Therefore, installing parental control software will safeguard your children from viewing offending materials on the internet. The same goes for your child’s cell phone and gaming systems. Most game systems have a parental mode the prevents your child from going online without a password. Turn off the data plan and wi-fi on your child’s phone and monitor their texting habits. I know it seems invasive, however, your child’s innocence and safety are worth it!

Third, establish limits of the time spent in front of the computer. Institute rules and regulations regarding how long you will allow them to use the internet under different circumstances. Impose restrictions and sanctions once they break the rules.

Fourth, review your children’s computer for web browsing history. There may be instances wherein you cannot supervise your kids as they use the internet. The browsing history list will show you the websites your children recently visited. This will give you an idea of your children’s favorite websites and the people they are interacting with.

Fifth, be observant as to the change of behavior in your children, they might be sexually assaulted or bullied online. These online assaults can have a direct impact on your children’s mental, psychological and emotional well-being. Thus, if you observe some changes in your child’s behavior and you figure that these are due to online assault, report these websites to the police immediately and have them blocked from your computer.

All it takes is to get involved in your children’s online activity. Never allow your children to use the internet unattended or unprotected.

Author: ParentingMaven

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