Jeff Foxworthy, Eat Your Heart Out!

Our seventh grade basketball team wore blue jeans for our first basketball game. Jeff “the redneck comedian” Foxworthy, eat your heart out!

Growing up in a rural area with strict parents who had fundamental values affected our actions for our first basketball game in the seventh grade. Our parents did not allow us to wear shorts or to go without a shirt.

Our first basketball game was at home and during school. We were very nervous since we would be playing before the entire school. Our coach gave us our uniforms the day before the game.

On the day of the game, we went to get dressed. The uniforms were old hand-me-downs. The trunks were a bright silky material. When one guy put on the trunks, he just shivered and said “I am not wearing these things”. He snatched them off. Another guy said “I am not wearing them either” and took off his trunks. Then the entire team, eight of us, took off our basketball trunks and we put on our blue jeans.

We came out for the game dressed in our basketball jerseys and our blue jeans. The coach thought that he forgot to give us the basketball trunks. We did not tell him that we were too embarrassed to wear them.

We did not wear the basketball trunks for any kind of religious reason, it was just that no one in my class had ever worn shorts and we were not about to come out in front of the entire school wearing those flimsy, silky basketball trunks. What would our parents think of us?

Jeff Foxworth, you haven’t seen a true redneck until you visit our area, because the other team really was a bunch of rednecks.

Author: ParentingUncle

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