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The program “Dancing Classrooms” created by Pierre Dulaine inspired the movie Take the LeadAfter School Activities Parenting Help   starring Antonio Banderas. Dulaine created the program in New York has grown and now teaches 7500 children across 37 schools in New York and one in New Jersey.

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Mad Hot Ballroom movie

In an interview, Dulaine describes the dance program for kids,

“It was initiated because I felt that Ballroom dancing was a great way to develop confidence and self esteem in children at this young age. I used to be very shy myself and Ballroom dancing classes/lessons helped greatly in this way.”
(dancescape interview)

Piere Dulaine also appears in the movie Mad Hot BallroomAfter School Activities Parenting Help   in which kids compete in a New York dance competition. (He is the judge and emcee of the final competition)

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