Kids and Trampolines

Kids and Trampolines…. do they go together?

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Kids and Trampolines

Kids love trampolines, but are they safe?

I’ve read all the scary statistics and heard the horror stories, but are trampolines any worse than that new skateboard or bike?

When my son was five my EX brought home our first trampoline. It came complete with a safety net enclosure, but I still insisted my son wear knee pads, elbow pads and a safety helmet. I was like a crazy old Mother hen running around the edge of the trampoline.

After a few weeks, I finally began to relax a bit and let Billy have some fun.

Over the next several years we went through several trampolines without any major injuries. The trampoline became more than a place to jump and exercise, it was also a place where Billy and his friends could take their toys and play outside.

As he entered the preteen years, the trampoline became a giant wrestling mat for Billy and his friends.

Yes there were times, when my heart would nearly stop as I watched boy after boy flipping and twirling and coming dangerously close to the edge, but in the end we all survived.

Every Parent needs to way the risk. Is it worth it? What are the benefits?

  • Great exercise for the kids and adults
  • A way to get the kids away from the Video Games and outside
  • A place to play that is up off the ground
  • A great place to sleep on a starry night

But you also need to consider the negatives…

  • Many Homeowners Insurance policies charge a premium for trampolines
  • You are liable if someone else’s child gets hurt
  • They take up a lot of yard space
  • They must be on level ground

If you do decide to get a trampoline, be sure to set some guidelines and rules.

  • Only allow one child at a time to be jumping on the trampoline
  • Make sure each child has parental permission to use the trampoline
  • Make sure the trampoline is level at all times
  • Remove all rocks, tree stumps, toys or other items from around the trampoline
  • Provide a soft landing around the trampoline
  • Have a removable step ladder for access to trampoline
  • Having a fenced yard with a locked gate is ideal for keeping out neighborhood kids.

Author: ParentingMaven

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