Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

Do you avoid having your child help you in the kitchen? Well, think again.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that children can help out when they are very young, even if it is only to pour the measuring cup full of flour into the bowl for the cookies you are mixing up.

At the young age of two, children want to be where the action is and, mom or dad, if you are in the kitchen making dinner that’s where your toddler wants to be.

Now, let’s be realistic, they can’t carve the roast and when they are two or three you might not want them near the hot stuff but how about putting them to work washing your potatoes or carrots once you’ve peeled them. Imagine the delight for both of you: they get to play in the water and you get your veggies cleaned and ready to cook.

If you are making cookies or a cake don’t shoo them away, let them help you pour in the ingredients. Just don’t turn your back on them or you may end up with the box of baking soda in the mix.

Once they are 3 or 4 they can start helping with stirring the cookie mix along with adding the ingredients. And by the time they turn 5 or 6 you can teach them how to crack an egg on the side of a bowl.

You can introduce them to the concept of fractions and make it a learning experience too. They can manage to butter and put the cheese on the bread for grilled cheese. Or you can help them make English muffin or pita pizzas which will be very exciting for them; they get to eat what they made.

By the time your children turn 6 they can even start to help you cut up veggies, with supervision, of course! And by 9 they can be cooking simple meals like pancakes and soup.

By the time your children are 12 years old, if you start introducing them to the kitchen when they are very young they should be able to make themselves and you simple meals. Once this starts happening it’s no holds barred and you may find yourself coming home to an almost gourmet meal.

Of course there will be times when you think that it would be faster to do things yourself, and there is no denying that there is a lot of truth to that. The thing is that if you do decide that it is faster to do things yourself rather than taking the time to allow your children to help out then you are denying them the possibility to learn the skills that they will, at some point in their lives be required to have.

Yes, believe it or not, your children are capable of helping out in the kitchen from a young age if you can only take the time to teach them and to slow down and have the patience to let them do things at their own speed.

Author: ParentingMaven

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