Life Lessons from Nick the dog

Life Lessons from Nick the Dog

I recently read a very interesting post on my friend Gord Young’s Blog “Gord’s Gold” entitled “The Way of the Nick” and wanted to share it with our readers here on Parenting Help me.

The article was actually an email that Gord sent to his son in reference to their dog, Nick.

Would that we all could learn to forgive like Nick, love unconditionally like Nick and find the patience of The Nick.

Parenting Help Parents and Pets   What can we learn from the way of the Nick?

A Nick does not pass judgement.

A true Nick forgives, even one who has lopped off his ear.

(Oops. my son accidently nicked his ear while trimming)

Nick is tolerant of others even though they would attack him for no reason.

(the cat)

Nick protects with his life those that he loves most.

Nick barks at raccoons but intends them no harm.

(Last night)

A true follower of the “way of the Nick” does not hold on to prejudices

nor hold grudges and forgives past indiscretions.

Nick is surely what we must strive to be.

Author: ParentingMaven

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