Lifeskills Are For Boys Too!

Lifeskills Are For Boys Too!

It never ceases to amaze me when I watch women bringing up their children; many have different expectations from their children depending upon which gender they are. Don’t get me wrong here, in no way do I think that men and women are “the same” nor do I want them to be. Boys and girls, women and men have clear gender differences. Those differences, however, have nothing to do with whether or not a person, no matter their gender, should learn the skills necessary for more than just basic survival.

Why do mothers want to keep their boys helpless? What is it that makes a mom want to keep their boys from growing up and looking after themselves? What is it that makes women want to serve their husbands and sons and teach their daughters to do the same?

Boys will grow up and hopefully leave their parents homes just like girls do. Shouldn’t they have the knowledge that they need in order to keep their living space clean? What about cooking; why should your sons only be able to boil water and often not even know how to do that? Kraft dinner, ramen noodles and hotdogs get to be tiresome meals after a very short period of time! I’m not talking about gourmet cooking but it really isn’t that difficult to cook a decent, nourishing meal. After all, you’ve probably taught your daughters how to prepare a meal that would feed a king.

And what about being able to sew on a button if they lose one, or hem their pants if they catch their heels and rip the stitches out? These are very simple tasks that everyone should be able to perform. Think about it: if they move out on their own they probably have a job to go to. What kind of impression are they going to make if their shirt has a button missing or their pant hem is dragging on the ground?

When I first was learning about computers I was terrified to even go near one in case I lost everything that was stored on the hard drive. All I needed was someone to give me directions…show me the on button…tell me how and what to click…and open one up and show me the insides. I think that seeing the insides was actually what took my fear away the most. I decided that a computer is just a box with electronics inside…kind of like a radio, or a television…and I’m not afraid when I turn them on and play with them. Now I have no fear.

I think that’s what you need to do with your children… basically show them the “on button and how and what to click”. Show them how easy it is to cook, clean and sew. Show them the behind the scenes stuff…show them where to find the toilet brush and the cleaners, and how to use them. Introduce them to the food they eat…before it’s prepared along with the pots, pans and the cookbook. Get them off the couch and into the kitchen to help prepare meals. Do this with your boys as well as your girls. They are going to go out into the big world and be on their own one day.

What do you think…should you leave your boys helpless, relying on unhealthy fast food meals and using the stapler to fix their pant hems or should you give them the skills they need to do more than just survive?

Author: ParentingMaven

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