Listen To Christmas Music At Stores In Mall

Listen To Christmas Music At Stores in the Mall

Every year during November and December you hear Christmas music being played at stores in the mall. Some people who are caught up in the rush of the Christmas season never hear these songs consciously. Others silently hum along with the Christmas music.

Have you ever listened carefully to the Christmas songs that different stores play. Where does mall Christmas music come from? Stores are not allowed to just turn on the radio or pop in a Christmas CD. The store has to pay royalties since the in-store music is a public performance. The choices of Christmas music that you hear reflects months of work by trained professionals.

Compiling Christmas play lists for stores and handling the back-end negotiations with the music publishers is a specialized or niche industry. These music professionals select Christmas music to match the store and properly reflect that store’s image. A mix of Christmas songs is carefully selected for each store.

One shopper’s comment was “I just love walking into the grocery store in November and December and hearing the Christmas music. It is so cool.” The endless stream of Christmas music drives some people crazy. Maybe it is because they think that Christmas is too commercialized. Some people feel that there is too much cheesy Christmas music being played in the stores.

Personally, I really enjoy hearing the Christmas music that is played in the shopping center mall. It just helps get me in the spirit for Christmas. I also enjoy meeting friends at the mall center during the Christmas season. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and enjoying the happiness of the Christmas season.

Parents should make a positive comment about a Christmas song to their children when they hear a good Christmas song being played while shopping in the mall. Have a merry Christmas and enjoy the Christmas music being played in the stores in the mall or your grocery store.

Author: ParentingUncle

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