Listen To Christmas Music Radio Stations This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches you will begin to hear Christmas songs on the radio. More people listen to the radio in their car while they are driving than they do at home. If you have satellite radio then you can listen to the Christmas music on your radio without any commercials. You can also see who is singing the song.

Have you ever been with your baby in the car, and you hear the song “Christmas Bells” on the Christmas radio station and you begin singing along with the chorus? Hush, my little one, listen, Christmas Bells are ringing, … Hush, my little one, listen, the bells are ringing for you. Emotional, Yes!

There are online Web radio stations on the Internet to choose from for Christmas, seasonal, and holiday listening. Try some and bookmark the ones you like best. Get into the holiday spirit by listening to an online Christmas radio station. Just minimize the Christmas music radio station website and then open another browser window to read your email or do some other computer work. Or you can really get in the Christmas spirit by listening to online Christmas radio while you do online Christmas shopping. Online streaming Christmas music is available 24 hours a day.

When should radio stations begin playing Christmas music and how often? Some radio stations begin playing limited Christmas music in early November and then begin playing more Christmas music after Thanksgiving. Then they play more and more Christmas songs as you get into December. Then they may play all Christmas music the last week before Christmas.

If radio station begin playing too much Christmas music too soon and too often, then people will begin to complain. One person commented that the radio stations in their area were actually competing to go all Christmas music before one another. One radio station began playing Christmas music the day before Halloween in order to beat out the others. He said that he would just avoided these stations until it got closer to Christmas. Another person commented that they just change the station if they hear a radion station playing Christmas too early. Most peole feel that the radion stations should at least wait until after Thanksgiving and Black Friday before they begin playing xmas music.

In your humble opinion, when is it OK for radio stations to begin playing Christmas music? How long before Christmas should they wait to begin playing all Christmas songs or should they just play a mix of Christmas tunes along with other music?

I love Christmas and the holiday season in general, minus the shopping. It bothers me when the radio stations are not playing decent xmas music. Some of the songs such as “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” and “I saw Momma Kissing Santa Clause” are just pure garbage.

Whether you are listening to Christmas radio online, while driving your car, or at home you will probably get a mix of the new and older Christmas tunes. It seems that I hear more newer arrangements on the Christian Christmas radio stations than I do on the regular radio stations.

Have a merry Christmas and listen to Christmas radio this season!

Author: ParentingUncle

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