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Teens are notorious for experimenting with their appearances… especially their hair. As a parent, this is something you should embrace; it’s a fun, safe form of self-expression. This period in their lives is a time where they can get away with the wildest hairstyles imaginable… so let them get it out of their system while they still can! Because once they hit the work world in a few years, they probably won’t have that same level of freedom when it comes to their hair.

As a parent of teen children, it’s been awhile since your own high school days. To bring you up-to-speed on what’s hot in teen hairstyles, here’s a little cheat sheet to help you out. So now when your son or daughter says they’re doing emo hair, you will know what they’re talking about!

Scene or Emo Hair – The word “emo” actually refers to a style of rock music. Emo is short for emotional, so this style of music often consists of expressive and even confessional lyrics, which are complemented by melodic instrumentals. When it comes to so-called emo hair, the styles usually consist of long shaggy hair and side-swept bangs which may cover one or both eyes. Sometimes the hair is dyed (usually black).

Quick Weaves – This is a form of a hair piece which is placed atop ones own natural hair. Although the quick weave is most popular in urban areas, it’s quickly catching on in many suburban parts of the country, too. A quick weave will only work for longer hairstyles; therefore it’s mostly used by girls only.

Flamboyant Hues – There’s no universal term for this style, so we’re calling this category “flamboyant hues” because that’s a perfect description; pink, purple, blue, green, red, or any other non-traditional hair color. Right now these extreme colors are very popular with teens; both girls and boys alike.

Hair Relaxers – Right now, it seems the straight and wavy hair styles tend to be the most in style. For those with naturally curly hair, many are turning to flat irons and hair relaxers to achieve sleeker, straighter hair. Now this category may be one exception to what I previously said about teen hair experimentation just being safe fun. As a parent, you need to know that most hair relaxers use dangerous chemicals like lye which can cause chemical burns and have even been known to cause permanent hair loss. Therefore, only allow a hairstylist to apply the relaxer and opt for products which use gentler, less irritating ingredients.

Choppy Bobs – This is a hairstyle which is particularly popular with teenage girls, probably because so many younger Hollywood actresses are sporting this style right now. Basically, these styles are bobs that have layers of hair cut to different lengths, which give a more shaggy look.

Of course like everything in fashion, what’s hot today is not tomorrow… so please keep that in mind when referencing this guide. Whatever style your teenager may be currently sporting, try to be supportive even if you despise it… remember it’s just a phase!

Parenting Help Parenting Teens

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