What’s The Mommy Economic Index?

What’s The Mommy Economic Index?

I was recently listening to a prominent businessman named Eben Pagan and he said something that really struck a chord with me. He was talking about the difference between idealizing your customers and realizing who your customers really are.

The gist of the discussion was to go to Wal-Mart and listen in on the types of comments Wal-Mart customers are making because that’s a really good indication of what regular Americans think about the economy and what they think about in general.

I do this naturally as just part of my nature but this concept further reinforced it and so I had an interesting experience yesterday during the grocery store run.

As I was going through I migrated over to the produce section. I overheard this woman grumbling about the price of oranges.

Now I don’t keep up too much with the prices which is why it’s definitely good to listen in on the moms who do the grocery shopping every week because they track the prices and it’s a good way for me to know if I’m paying too much.

The price was so agitating to this woman she called out for one of the workers at HEB asking if there were any other oranges because these were like double the price. He told her those were the only oranges they had.

Still unsatisfied with this answer and looking for the answer she wanted, she decided to flag down another worker and asked him the same question. Again the response was the same.

Which highlights a completely different concept…just because you want something doesn’t mean it’s going to be true nor if you keep asking or keep putting forth the effort to get that result will you ever achieve it.

But this is not a psychological study. I was simply observing how out of whack this price was with her belief of what it should be.

This is further proof that even though the price of oil has tanked the price of produce and other foods has not yet come back down to earth with it.

Interesting side note: she asked her 3 boys if they wanted brussels sprouts in their pot roast. I had to comment and I said that’s pretty funny you even asked them about nasty brussels sprouts. And she was quick to say “Oh they love brussels sprouts in their pot roast.” I was floored to believe someone could actually LIKE the taste of brussels sprouts. Eww, I suspected she had brain washed and used mind control tactics on her boys. But that’s another story.

NOw if this is the only thing which happened it would have been a very illuminating trip and yet there’s more…

As luck would have it I had to buy some lighter fluid and I saw this mom there in the aisle and this boy who couldn’t have been more than 8 years old comes running up screaming “Mom I have to get this it’s only $3.59.”

It was a bottle of Axe body spray. I quickly warned the little boy that he better watch out because he’d be tackled by a gaggle of girls if he wears the Axe body spray. He and his mom laughed heartily and despite her earlier protests she went ahead and put the Axe body spray in her basket and I assume bought for him.

So my good deed for the day was done. He did look like a solid boy certainly able to survive being tackled by the group of girls.

And finally, my sister wanted me to get some wine for cooking. I was a bit puzzled because I just thought that was something you see in movies and didn’t think people actually used wine in their cooking.

But apparently it’s quite common practice. Which created a situation for me because I don’t know one damn thing about wine other than the fact there’s two basic types:

white wine
red wine.

Fortunately, there was this older guy who had a very discerning eye. I could see he was combing over all the various kinds of wine at the grocery store and so I asked him what kind of wine was good for cooking.

He was kind enough to tell me that Burgundy was the best for cooking and I had to ask him “OK so is Burgundy a red or white wine?”

He said it was a red wine but unfortunately all they had was this massive bottle. And all I needed was a third of a cup. So I ended up buying a big bottle and going to the checkout.

The guy at the checkout gave me a stern look and said “you’re 21 right? ” I looked him right in the eye and said “yeah absolutely.” Which was cool because I guess I’m confident enough to pass for 21.

So it was an eventful day at the grocery store, discovered a couple of cool things, and perhaps our leaders in Washington would do well to make their decisions based on the mommy economic index.

How reliable do you believe the mommy economic index is?

For you moms out there what else would you add to the mommy economic index?

Author: Billy the kid

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