Mommy’s Imitation of “Oprah’s Favorite

Mommy’s Imitation of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”

Everyone knows that Oprah Winfrey has a show every year where she showcases her favorite things. Don’t start screaming yet. I’m not rich enough to give every reader thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. However, I can share with you some simple things that carried me through my early mommyhood years. Most of these Items can be found in your local Walmart or Wallgreens.

1. Mylicon Drops- Every hospital should send new mothers home with at least a 6 months supply of this stuff! I wasn’t fortunate enough to breastfeed for more than 2 weeks. When I had to switch my daughter to formula, it wasn’t very kind on her system to say the least. This was my first experience with a miracle drug.

2. Gentian Violet- Never heard of it? Well, my daughter also got a bad case of thrush. I had heard old wives’ tales of using the corner of a wet cloth diaper (urine included) to wipe the inside of a baby’s mouth and it would supposedly get rid of this persistent fungus. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, no matter how sterile urine may be. Besides, I didn’t know anybody who used cloth diapers. I also had been to the pediatrician. They gave me a prescription for this absolutely terrible tasting medication that didn’t work. So the pediatrician then suggested Gentian Violet. It’s available over-the-counter. It comes in a bottle that looks like an Iodine bottle, except, the liquid contents are not orange but purple. Other than my daughter’s mouth looking like something in an alien movie, it worked great!

3. Flanders Buttocks Ointment- After a bout of horrific side effects from antibiotics, my son had the worst case of diaper rash that I have ever seen. A pharmacist suggested this over-the-counter ointment. Finally, he had relief from his excruciating pain.

4. Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor- As parents, you know how much time and money that can be spent at the doctor’s office checking for ear infections. Not all of my children had the same symptoms
for ear infections. I was getting really frustrated at not being able to detect them myself. And then I found this wonderful product. It works very similarly to an ear thermometer. This device is able to measure the amount of fluid in the middle ear. Excess fluid can be a very good indicator for an ear infection. This product is worth 100 times it’s weight in gold!

5. Vick’s VaporRub Greaseless Cream- Considering the new warnings on child cold medications, this is a great alternative. Besides, what kid likes taking cold medicine. I loved this because it is in a lotion form and won’t ruin their clothes.

Gabriella Parker

Author: Gabriella Parker

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