Moms and Coffee Part two – Aaaah Coffee!

Moms and Coffee Part Two – Aaaah Coffee!

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After my recent post on Moms and Coffee, I was so convicted by my coffee addiction that I decided to give it up and free myself for it’s evil grasp. Coffee would no longer dominate, I was going to be the Master of my own domain (err.. not in a Senfield sense of course..LOL).

After three grueling days of headaches, I am finally free of caffeine. Hooray for me…but….

Today, I decided to return to coffee, not the caffeine variety but some really strong decaf. You see coffee does have it’s benefits.

Stopping to enjoy a piping hot cup of java works wonders in clearing my head and getting my wondering mind to focus on the task at hand. Sipping a soothing cup during an animated conference call keeps me calm and alert.

Caffeine gives me the jitters and makes my joints hurt, but coffee of the decaf variety gives me clarity and relaxes uptight muscles.

So after three days it might not be caffeine but all I can say is…Aaah Coffee!

I missed you.

Author: ParentingMaven

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