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Moms and Coffee

What is it with Moms and Coffee? I know there are a few Moms out there that aren’t totally addicted to coffee, but they are few and far between and they’re usually the all-natural herbal tea addicts.

For some busy Moms, that 10 minutes alone with a cup of coffee before the rest of the brood wakes in the morning, is the only alone time we might get, for others it’s that cup of afternoon coffee before the kids are sprung from school. For me, it’s the late night cup of coffee on a rainy evening by the fire that I enjoy most.

I wish I could say that I’m not addicted…that would be a lie. I wish I could say that I want to give it up..AGAIN,… but that would be a lie. I can say that I know I should give it up and maybe that I wish I wanted to give it up.

The idea of being addicted to something…anything, seems wrong. Whether it’s food, cigarettes, alcohol or coffee, it still means that your body is somehow in control of your actions and or your mind. I’d like to believe that my spirit is always in control of my mind, but my coffee addiction proves that is not the case.

Maybe there will come a day when that hot cup of caramel Boca Java won’t give me that sense of calm and comfort or satisfy my desire for a quiet moment, maybe I’ll find a worthy substitute or finally redeem that time for much needed prayer. I do know that as long as I’m getting something from this bad habit of an addiction, there is not a lot of will power to change.

Maybe I should start praying that coffee will no longer satisfy or that my spirit will rise up in rebellion and take authority over this weak mind and body.

What’s your addiction?

Author: ParentingMaven

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