More Potty Training Woes

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More Potty Training Woes

Recently, I received the following email from a concerned parent.

Any Mom or Dad that has been through the trauma of potty training can relate to this.

“So my son and I have hit a potty training snag.  H used to go pee on his potty once in a while, but now he refuses to go at all.  I keep him naked all day and pump him full of juice so we have lots of opportunity to succeed, but he stopped going.  He will sit on his potty every hour or so, but only for a second then he gets right back up.  He holds his pee and poop in and refuses to go until I put a diaper on him.  He tells me when he has to go, but cries when I put him on his potty.  I was thinking about putting him in underwear so if he pees, he gets very uncomfortable.  Any ideas?”

And here is my answer ….

Put Fruit Loops/Cheerios in the potty and tell him to aim for them..  Little boys can’t resist.  LOL

Any body out there have any better ideas?

Post it in the Comments below.

Author: ParentingMaven

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