Motrin Video Parody for MotrinMoms

The Motrin Moms Twitter revolt or uprising ( attempting to use sarcasm here since this is a parody piece) over the weekend ended with Motrin removing the offensive video from there website as well as issuing a public apology.

However that can not and will not be the end of the story, how could it be? There needs to be more, more controversy more issues, so in that vein and light, someone came up with the MortinMoms Video Parody.

Now this one could be considered offensive if you don’t take it as a joke in the, and see that it is a Joke, and understand it is a joke and that you can laugh at yourself about it.

So with that no legal nor moral disclaimer here is the Motrin Moms Video Parody:

Now don’t go all Twitter on me, unless of course it is Good PR 🙂 #MotrinMoms

Author: ParentingMaven

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