My Army Brat ThanksGiving Day Memories

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My Army Brat Thanksgiving Day Memories

Yes I am an Army Brat and will be an Army Brat until the day I leave this planet. Being an Army Brat or a child of one who serves in the military can have it’s advantages. Many would say that moving throughout your childhood to different places and not having “roots” could be a bad thing. I beg to differ. I couldn’t imagine being in one place from birth til at least 18 years of age.

We moved every 2-4 years. I loved it.

One of the many fond things about being a Military Brat was the Thanksgiving Day activities from my youth. I recall Thanksgivings in Germany, Illinois, Virginia, Austria, etc etc etc. You get the point.

We participated in Parades, We Went to Football Games, We Watched and Played Football, We saw celebrations and experienced the cultures of different ethnic groups. These experiences I hold near and dear, for they where part of my youth, my education, my upbringing. They molded my personality and expanded my horizons.

My Army Brat Thanksgivings

My father was a Army Officer and former University of Wisconsin Football Player. Football was a part of life, Thanksgiving was no different. No matter what far off remote location we happened to be at on the last Thursday of November we watched or played football. We always had our turkey dinner, but the highlight was watching and playing football.

We ate early, so that we wouldn’t miss any game time, whether it was on TV or outside. We had our left overs after the late game and those second helpings or leftovers always for some reason tasted better then the Turkey Day meal itself.

Yes Football and Thanksgiving Day go hand in hand with our family. No matter what exotic place, location or what continent or state we happened to be at the time.

The field at times throughout the years and locations was covered with leaves, or snow, or sand, or just plain asphalt. It didn’t mater. We played based on our love of the sport, the father-son, family and friends outing. We didn’t keep score, we didn’t care. We Played. We Watched. We Ate and attempted to play again.

Suffice it to say Thanksgiving Day means Football to this Army Brat. This Thanksgiving the tradition of my youth with carry on with my children. We will Play, we will watch and we will eat!

Shout outs to any readers from Oberammergau, Zweibrucken, Fort Lee, Fort Sheridan, Mendota, Ill, Colonial Heights, Va etc etc etc. You get the point.

What are your fondest Thanksgiving Day memories, and you don’t have to be a Military Brat to Share 🙂

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