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My Christmas Wish List

As a parent we focus on the Christmas wish lists of our children, relatives and even our own parents in most cases. I am never selfish in my gift giving and at times am very magnanimous in my attempts to find the perfect Christmas gift for each of those on my list.

Every year my loved ones have a hard time buying for me, basically because I don’t need anything. If there is something I want throughout the year, I usually purchase it myself if I can afford it and it is a worthwhile acquisition.

As a dad, husband, brother and son I have received the standard Ties, Sweaters, socks, and other clothing apparel for my Christmas gifts. My sister always does a great job of finding something in the memorabilia or logo from my alma mater which I always cherish.

This year I will make it easier for them. Instead of saying I don’t need anything, I will provide a list. Humm what should Santa or my immediate loved ones get me this year.

My Christmas Wish wish from a Parent of Two:

1) A watch band that will not break in two months and can fit my Former Football player wrists.

2) An over sized keyboard for my computer. The typos could decrease tremendously if my fingers actually hit the one key rather than 1 and 1/2 keys with every attempt.

3) A get out of Honey Do Lists pass for at least two weekends in a row. When the honey could you… I could whip out my Free Honey Do List pass and present it. Not sure if that would go over well, but we can always dream right..

4) A beverage holder for my car that can fit not only an over sized drink, but will be sturdy and secure. Hate it when you get a fast food coffee of x-large drink and the cup bottom doesn’t fit the Beverage Holder.

5) An electronic device that would let me ZAP the cell phone connection of the Idiot driver ahead of me that is weaving all over the road because the Cell phone is attached to their ear and yapping away about crap rather than focusing on not Killing other drivers or pedestrians. Another we can dream can’t we gift..

6) Season 2 of HOUSE on DVD.

7) For You the reader to subscribe to our feeds via RSS and follow us on Twitter. See you can get me an easy and simple gift.

What’s on Your Christmas Wish Lists?

Christmas Parenting Help

Christmas Wish List

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