My Sister Wants Me to….

My Sister Wants Me to …

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Author, Billy the Kid

Get another gym membership (or cancel my own). I love my gym and don’t want to but still I found myself considering it.

I’m entrenched at my gym because I have work out friends to spot me and also I’m in good with the front desk help and management.

In talking with her more as she described the competing gym I realized it wasn’t going to do anything for me. She was talking about the swimming pool, the outside waterslide, the sauna, and the indoor swimming pool as being big selling points on why this gym was better than mine.

And based on those things it is better than mine.

The thing about my gym is it has what I need to do my weightlifting and some cardio. I never use the swimming pool nor the saunas so these extras don’t add any value for me.

Then she got in to telling me about price and that she’d split it with me 50-50. So I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, that’s fair if it’s close to what I’m paying I’ll go ahead and do it.”

But then she says my portion of the monthly fee would be over double what I’m paying now. So even though the other gym had better features those features didn’t add any new value for how I experience it so it was a bad deal for me.

Even still I considered doing it just to help her out because I love her.

And this whole situation got me to thinking

“What other foolishness have you indulged in the name of love?”

I’ve heard all the stories about jilted ex-wives running their husbands over with cars, and jealous ex-boyfriends stalking or even going violent on the woman they still love.

While these are extreme examples I still wonder what kind of hairy, crazy, or even totally ridiculous financial situations have you considered indulging in, in the name of love?

I’m putting no limits on this so it can include family members or romantic former/current partners.

I’m sure you can come up with a situation that would probably beat mine. Either way, I look forward to seeing your comments and what other kind of crazy situations you’ve found yourself in.

Author: Billy the kid

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