Is preparing for Death too Morbid?

Is preparing for Death too Morbid?

In my last article, Are Your Children Prepared for “IF”?, I talked about a very uncomfortable topic, death. I am sure some parents think this subject too morbid to anticipate, let alone discuss with their children. For some of my friends, the topic provoked serious consideration.

My sister said “That’s why everybody should have a will.” She is accurate and it is very important to have one. Although, a will wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

I recently watched a movie called P.S. I love You. Yes, it’s a chick flick. It stars Hilary Swank. And for those die hard Grey’s Anatomy fans, “Denny” has a small but pivotal role that brings the movie full circle.

It’s definitely a story about love and for preparing those we love for death. However, the movie is not morbid. I laughed through most of it. I also tried to hold the flood gates back as long as possible but in the end, the dam overflowed. They were good tears, though. This movie depicted perfectly the full range of emotions. Most importantly, it showed the importance of the comfort you can give even if you are not physically present.

If you have seriously thought about the question of death but are not quite sure how to proceed with preparing your family, watch the movie.

It will inspire you to come up with some of your own ideas for your family.

Author: Gabriella Parker

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