I Never THought I’d See the Day When…

My parents…gasp…WERE RIGHT!

I know it’s unbelievable to you. If you’re a parent right now you have that smirky all-knowing grin on your face. As someone who no doubt has parents your grudgingly agreeing with me.

So what the hell am I talking about?

Unless you’re an only child you probably heard at one point in your life at least once “you and your brother/sister are going to be so close you are not going to even believe it”.

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Having four siblings myself you can only imagine how many times and how often I heard this very statement. I daresay it was almost a weekly occurrence.

And I always argued but mommy “I’m never going to be close with them we hate each other.”

I always considered my brother a nuisance to be toyed with and aggravated. I was a bit closer with my sister but unfortunately, she was the baby at the time and really an attention hog.

Since she had two brothers she viewed us as entities who were taking the attention of our parents away from her.

This caused some jealousy, rage and other issues she acted out. The main one that I disliked was how I’d be playing with my Transformers or my G.I. Joe’s minding my own business (I was a loner) and she would sneak up behind me, then ball up her four-year-old little fist, and hit me right on the spine as hard as she could.

I realize you can see this in your mind and can feel my pain. And you probably know what comes next.

Now I don’t advocate men hitting women unless it’s in self-defense because when a woman comes at you with a knife you have to defend yourself.

But of course I was only eight years old, didn’t really understand these things, and felt like I had to hit her back to retaliate for this unprovoked attack.

And as you probably guessed I then got a spanking for hitting her. So the double whammy joke was on me.

To add insult to injury I would have a two to 3 inch diameter bruise on my back for the next four to five days. You might think this pain story of the bathroom faucet and big toe is funnier.

But then I had two more sisters at around this time. These youngest 2 are the ones I remain closest to, to this day.

And I have always been close with them. I had an interesting question about drug use and siblings you can read here.

I don’t know if there’s been any psychological or scientific studies but it’s my belief when there is at least five years of difference between siblings the hatred and rivalry is nonexistent or at least barely there.

What are your thoughts on this?

Can you confirm or refute this theory?

How is your relationship with your siblings?

Author: Billy the kid

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