New Years Fireworks

New Years Fireworks are a grand tradition here in the United States and one of only two times during the year (July 4 being the other) where fireworks sales are permitted. At least those are the laws here in Texas I don’t know if they’re federal or just here at the state level.

New Years Parenting Help

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New year’s to me is an odd holiday.

There are many different tradtiions around the world. I find some of the most fascinating to be the Chinese and their traditions.

2008 was the year of the rat and 2009 is the year of the ox.

I don’t know exactly what those mean after doing a little research but they just have interesting names.

The Chinese also do colorful calligraphy called ‘Chun Lian’ to celebrate the new year.

Here in America, my grandad believes in rolling up a 1 dollar bill for good luck. I don’t know whether to believe rolling up a George Washington will bring me good luck.

Of course, it has to be done a certain way. Facing the dollar right side up on a table with George Washington’s head in the upright position you have to roll it from left to right and then tape it.

New Years Parenting Help

$1 dollar bill, George Washington by Stewart of flickr

I don’t know when you can unroll it because that part was never made clear to me.

Also, the traditions of making out with a strange woman at midnight and popping the champagne bottles at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the first moment of the newest year are lots of fun.

Equally as tantalizing and fun as these (except of course for the making out with strange women) are the playing with fireworks.

I just love to blow up fireworks. Both types are fun:

  • the exploding noisemakers
  • The brilliant and colorful light show ones as well

I don’t know if it’s just a boy thing or the fact that me in particular enjoys playing with fire and seeing things explode.

My hunch is it has some universal appeal because my sisters also enjoy the fireworks though they enjoy sparklers more than the loud black cats and M80 noisemakers.

I remember this one year at the lake I had heard M80’s were waterproof and would explode underwater. So I wanted to test this out.

I lit a fire work in my hand (which I don’t recommend because M80s are very powerful fireworks) and threw it into the lake. It’s sunk down for about two to three seconds and then ‘ploop’.

I could hear this faint explosion and saw this air bubble come to the surface of the lake. After blasting off a few more of these it was very cool but the novelty wore off.

The biggest memory I have is the fun shared with my family and sisters. New Year’s fireworks can be a great time for family fun and to enjoy an evening with your kids.

Leave your comments to tell me about your New Year’s fireworks traditions or any other cool New Year’s family stories and traditions you have. I’d also like to know what the fireworks laws are in your local area to see if they’re different from mine (and if I’m getting jipped).

Author: Billy the kid

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