New Years in New York

Ringing in the new years in New York can be an amazing and wonderful experience. There always seems to

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Author, Billy the Kid

be something going on in New York.

Even though Las Vegas New Years parties will be all nighters and it calls itself the city that never sleeps I would say New York is right there along with it.

I’ve never been to New York City nor even to the state of New York because it has never appealed to me.

But this year my sister will be spending the new year in the city of New York. It’s all she’s been talking about the last couple of months how great it’s going to be for the celebration.

She’s looking forward to being in Times Square with the throngs of onlookers and revelers as the “magical Ball” drops.

I believe this year it has even more special significance for her because the guy she’s been dating is going to be back on leave from Afghanistan for two weeks.

He’s been serving over there since about July and will continue on until the end of his tour which happens in May.

Due to the advances in technology she gets to talk with him on the phone roughly every other day. This helps to keep him in good spirits because they do deal with some heavy stuff and he was traveling in a helicopter which got shot down with an RPG a couple months back.

One of his men was killed but he only had minor injuries. But I believe this life or death situation and the separation they’ve gone through has made this trip they are taking to New York City all the more special.

My sister loves doing the shopping there as well with all the big stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and all the rest.

As an extra special bonus to the world famous Times Square celebration this year’s huge number nine will arrive by boat on the Hudson River, obviously to ring in the year 2009.New Years Parenting Help

The massive numeral 9 will be 500 pounds and stand 7 feet tall. It will arrive by ferry at the Manhattan dock.

What’s really cool and a sign of the green times is the nine along with the two and double zeros will be powered from the electricity generated by visitors riding bikes connected to an electrical generator.

They are scheduled to stay lit for two weeks to bring in the new year.

Last year the eight arrived by subway via the Bronx.

I wonder how they’ll bring in the 1 next year. And then of course after that they’ll have to replace one of the zeros with the one in the appropriate numerals from then on.

New York will be alive with light and sound and I told my sister to take many pictures to bring back of her party experiences.

I know there are other parties and places you could be in the city… but the place to be on New Year’s Eve is Time Square.

I’ll have an update to the story once my sister returns. In the meantime tell me of your New Year’s Eve New York stories past or what you plan to do if you’re going there to ring in this new year. I look forward to your comments.

Author: Billy the kid

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