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Obese Children: When Children Are Too Fat

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States of America, for the land of the opportunity the country does not offer a lot of healthy fare at restaurants and in the grocery stores. A lot of time what one eats, whether it is healthy or not is based upon the choices that are made at the grocery store and at a restaurant. Restaurants do offer healthy choices but often one has to look for them. The same is said for grocery stores.

Obesity in children is caused by a number of reasons. Children may become obese because they are following in the footsteps of their parents. This could mean parents do not exercise enough or at all. This could also mean that parents are eating unhealthy and hence teaching their children to make poor decisions when it comes to what the child eats. Are the parents always to blame for obesity in children? Parents are not always at fault and sometimes circumstances lead a parent to make poor decisions about food because they lack the knowledge in what is nutritious and what is not, or the parents could be living in poverty and all they can afford is what is not necessarily deemed healthy. This could include processed foods, foods high in sugar, fatty foods, or foods high in carbohydrates.

Children also make unhealthy decisions based on what other children are eating for lunch. Children may trade for something that is not healthy. Parents do not have control over what their child eventually decides to eat at school. Children also may choose to not exercise during their free time. In the modern time period it is easier for children to play video games, watch television, or sit in front of a computer. These activities are sedentary and can result in weight gain especially when the child decides to snack during such activities. Sometimes children have a disease that causes them to gain weight. Also genetics may play a part in obesity in children. One other reason for obesity in youth is eating when a child feels emotionally hurt, they may eat to comfort themselves.

Extra weight in children is unhealthy and can make day to day life difficult. Children may have difficulty doing physical activities like walking. These children may wheeze even when they are not participating in an activity. Obese children are at risk for Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, problems with sleep, liver issues, and problems with skin to name a few of many disorders.

If your child is obese it is never too late to get your child back on the right track. This includes eating healthier foods. The child has to watch their caloric intake as well as portions. The parents can eat the same food to show their children how good it is for all of them to eat healthy. In more severe cases a weight loss drug may be recommended. A worst case scenario would be Bariatric Surgery to help the child reach a healthy weight.

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