Obesity Epidemic Affecting Your Pet?

Dowbrigade » Blog Archive » Fat Cats Welcome Company – WASHINGTON – The obesity epidemic has spread to man’s best friend, and so many dogs are getting fat that the government stepped in Friday by approving the first doggie diet pill. The Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of Slentrol, a prescription drug that can suppress Fido’s appetite while also blocking the absorption of fat from his treats. This is a welcome addition to animal therapies, said the FDA’s Stephen Sundloff.

The basics of diet, nutrition and exercise apply to your pets same as they do to you. Too much food and too little exercise makes Fido a dull (and fat) boy. I just saw a fat dog across the street from me and have never seen his owners walk him. Probably be a good idea for both the owners and the pet to walk. So how is the best way to suggest to neighbors to start walking their pet?

Author: Billy the kid

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