Oprah Is Going Off the Air!!

Oprah Winfrey update…The headline blared the “Oprah is quitting her TV show”.

Yesterday I had just finished watching South Park and considered going to work out. I’ve had elbow pain over the last week and so I’ve taken it easy wanting my elbow to fully heal.

So I decided to take the night off from the gym.

As it so happens there is a show which comes on Comedy Central after South Park called Chocolate News hosted by David Alan Grier.

Since I’m normally working out during this time I’d never seen it before.

But he hooked me in by basically doing a bullet point list at the start on what the show was going to talk about.

He had Barack Obama in a do rag and was commenting on how he wanted a basketball court on the White House grounds. Then he talked about how Oprah Winfrey was giving up TV. There was also a skit about vitamin fortified crack which was supposedly going to help the crack addicts be healthier and was quite funny.

But the part about Oprah is what caught my attention.

Because it just seemed to me that Oprah was a TV institution and would likely keep going for another decade or two.

People love her show and it’s the highest rated daytime TV show in history.

After doing a bit of research I found that she’s been on the air since 1986 so what’s to stop her from going another 22 years. As long as people keep watching she’ll have a home and some network will want to broadcast it.

As I did a little bit of digging to find out more about this story and confirm whether it’s true or not I found some interesting things.

The story is all just speculation based on the fact her contract expires in 2011. So the news media is saying she’s going to quit just because she hasn’t yet renewed her contract. This is a great and unfounded leap.

She could just be starting up her own network with her show as the headliner for it.

Oprah makes amazing amounts of money and maybe she’s found starting her own network with her TV show as the flagship would bring more money into her coffers.

I don’t know what she’s going to do nor do I want to be part of the speculation.

I will say because she’s a very smart businesswoman I doubt she’ll give up on a good thing before it’s run its course.

Sound off and tell me what you think she’s going to do in the comments.

Author: Billy the kid

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