Parent Rivalry – Mom vs. Dad

Sometimes mom gets a little jealous when dad handles a situation involving their child better than she did. It may be mild envy or all the way to full blown resentment.

Our society sends messages that moms should do most of the childcare. Even career women still consider themselves as caretakers.

It is a joy for parents to raise their kids together. But mom sometimes feels a little jealous that dad is just as much the center of their child’s life as she is.

Some moms think that they should be better parents than their spouses and that they are closer to the child. They are hurt when the children have just as much fun with dad.

Mom, be glad that you have an extra pair of hands to help with the children. A caring father who is involved with the children may help your daughter someday choose a guy with the same qualities as her dad. The son may choose a spouse he respects and will also help raise his children just like his dad.

Both parents should watch and learn as you raise your children together.

Author: ParentingUncle

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