Parenting Cliches – Good or Bad?

There’s Truth In Them Thar Parenting Cliches! » Literal Barrage – One of the most commonly repeated phrases that parents-to-be hear, and I’m speaking from experience here, is “Enjoy it while you can. They grow up so fast !” Experienced parents repeat this phrase over and over in a nigh-ritualistic fashion, exhorting future parents to cherish each moment, lest precious time be lost forever. First-time parents will, in most cases, ignore this advice to an extent and blissfully enjoy the first days and weeks after the birth of their child, wondering at the child’s small fingers, wispy hair, indellible cuteness and overall wonder at the world.

You have probably heard various parenting cliches but that doesn’t mean they’re no good or untrue. Many of them have good kernels of wisdom and can be good for your family when you apply them.

Author: Billy the kid

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