Parenting Help – Bed Wetting

Parenting Help – Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is common in children under six years of age and is usually a result of an immature bladder. Stress is another major factor in bed wetting. To help your child experience dry nights, try a few of these tips.

  • Limit the amount of Soda type drinks during the day
  • Limit all liquids before bedtime
  • Wake your child to use the bathroom before you retire for the night
  • Talk to your child about the things that may be causing stress. New school, new teacher, a new baby in the house, divorce and school bullies can all be sources of stress in your child’s life.

Letting your child know that this is a normal part of growing up and comforting them will help them on their journey to a dry night’s sleep.

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Author: ParentingMaven

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