Parenting Help For Breastfeeding Moms

Parenting Help For Breastfeeding Moms

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If you think that breastfeeding is most natural and easy, then you may want to think again. First off, babies may have a rooting or sucking reflex, but they do not come out of the womb knowing exactly what to do.  As for mothers, breastfeeding is definitely not the most comfortable thing on earth. If you are a mom-to-be and thinking of breastfeeding your child, read on and find out the basic things you ought to know.

One thing about parenting is it is never easy.  You have to work and toil — day in and day out.  Feeding the baby is one of the top priorities because it is through feeding that she grows into a mature human being like you.  Breastfeeding is definitely the best method because it is the only way that you can make sure your child is getting all the nutrients she needs at perfect proportions.  It is also a great way to bond with your baby and develop a closer relationship with her.  However, starting to breastfeed is quite challenging.

The first challenge is teaching the baby how to suck.  In parenting help books, they call this the baby’s rooting reflex.  You have to make your baby latch on your breast and rub her lower cheek so she would start the sucking reflex.  Without doing this, your child will not know what to do and she may end up crying in hunger and desperation.

The next challenge is how you can bear swollen, tender, and engorged breasts. When you and your baby are eventually getting the hang of latching and sucking, your milk supply will come in and your breasts will become hard, swollen, and painful.  Very painful, that is. Nursing becomes tough for your baby and agonizing for you. Most likely, you would end up both crying she of desperation and hunger, and you of pain.  One thing that can help you with the situation is by using a hot compress.  You may even use just a warm towel.  Pat it around your areola to encourage milk letdown before you start nursing.  This will make it easier for your baby to feed.  After feeding, you may use ice packs to reduce engorgement.  This will relieve you from some pain of swelling.

You should know that skipping or skimping breastfeeding will not alleviate your pain.  In fact, the lesser the baby sucks, the more engorged your breasts will become.  Endure the process and think that the time will come when it wouldn’t be so hard anymore. Remember that you two are new to the experience.  There will come a time when you can deal with the situation with comfort and ease.  For now, all you have to do is bear and wait.

These are just some breastfeeding tips that may come in handy once you start the process.  The challenges may sound discouraging but facing discouragement is a fact about parenting. Remember that breastfeeding is the best for your baby and if you want to ensure her health and her future, stick with what is best for her.

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