Parenting Tips The Truth of Advertising

Parenting Tips The Truth of Advertising

My stepson Mitch had his 9th birthday party weekend this Saturday, Mitch will turn 9 years old on September 15th. We had a full day planned. His cousin, same age, came over for the full day of birthday events as well as a sleep over.

We gave Mitch birthday money so he could pick out what gifts he wanted, it works best that way as to not finding the exact make or model and less disappointment if he is expecting X and receives Y. At the store he picked out two different types of radio remote controlled cars. Great choice I thought, and I could play with him on those as well. I always wanted some of them when I was a kid, but 30 plus years ago it, wasn’t a financially feasible option.

One of the cars he picked out, advertised that it could go through water, go through snow and go through gravel. Cool choice, looked good and could provide hours of entertainment. The purchases where made in the afternoon, then came the movie, then Chucky Cheese.

When we finally got home I overheard Mitch and his cousin’s “plans” for this one off road, can do it all remote controlled car. “It goes through water”, Let’s take it to the Pool!”. Luckily I overheard this conversation and was able to stop the expensive radio controlled electric and battery powered car turn into a drowned and stranded submarine at the bottom of the pool.

I had to explain that “goes through Water” means a small puddle, and not a second coming of Jesus Christ that would easily stroll across the Pool. I could see their disappointed faces, but that was better than seeing the astonishment as the new toy would have sank like a rock to the the bottom of the pool in the first attempt to play with the new birthday present.

Not Like I could have returned a water soaked toy with the receipt, nor would I have, if I had not interceded in the plans of the 9 years old and the “truth in advertising” of the copywriter Adverts on the package,
“Goes through water”.

Have you add any experiences like this you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

Author: ParentingMaven

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