Parents and Sports – Getting Your Child Ready for College Recruiting

I’ve already talked with you about parenting help and sports. This is a very important topic and one often misunderstood.

You can have the overbearing mom who’s all about the “education” and very limited on the athletics part which you are obviously really committed to.

And of course there’s the overbearing dad forcing his old school or his dream school onto you. This is all very undesirable for you as the young athlete.

This video talks about some of the things you need to do for the best college recruiting experience possible:

1. Assemble your dream recruiting team
2. Make sure it’s what you want to do
3. Know who to contact
4. Setup a game plan for how your recruiting will go
5. Actions to take

The expert here lays out it for you in an easy to understand way.

Author: Billy the kid

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