Pepsi Suicide Ad takes a dive on Twitter

Pepsi Suicide Ad takes a dive on Twitter

Parenting Help Parenting News   Once again, the Twitter Moms have spoken and their collective voice has been heard loud and clear.

According to a post on the BNET Advertising blog, Pepsi has issued an apology for a recent ad depicting a blue blob like calorie cartoon character attempting suicide by hanging, shooting and poison. The ad was only released in Germany but was quickly attacked worldwide as being insensitive and inappropriate.

The Ad, created by BBDN Dussendorf was offensive enough to motivate Twitter user, Christine Lu to start a 24 hour campaign that gained enough momentum to cause Pepsi to do a backstep and pull the ad before any further damage.

With the power of Social Media it seems the public has finally gained a voice with power.

Author: ParentingMaven

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