Planning the perfect kids’ Halloween party

Planning the perfect kids’ Halloween party

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Planning kids’ parties of any kind can be tricky, but Halloween celebrations are often especially daunting. There’s so much to think about ahead of these events. Thankfully, with a little forward planning, the task can be relatively straightforward.


First and foremost, parents should send their invitations out as soon as possible to help ensure a good turnout. Meanwhile, parties on and around October 31st can get a little samey, with seemingly endless ghost, vampire, skeleton and other creepy outfits on display. Moms and Dads who want their kids’ bashes to stand out from the crowd can avoid this fate by suggesting quirky themes for Halloween costumes. For example, spooky movie characters can be ideal for young revelers and, by heading online, parents can quickly and easily pick up the perfect garments and accessories. Little girls can look great as film favorites like the Corpse Bride and Avatar’s Navi Princess Neytiri, while boys might love to dress up as the Joker, Harry Potter or Batman.


No kids’ party is complete without plenty of tasty treats and some simple tricks can turn regular snacks into the perfect Halloween munchies. For example, with some licorice and chocolate buttons, moms and dads can create spider-topped cupcakes. Also, the addition of spooky props to buffet tables can look great. For example, bowls can be held up with ghoulish hands.


Setting the scene is also really important. Colored light bulbs can be used to great effect in homes, along with cobwebs and pumpkins. Parents can also cover furniture in white sheets to simulate a deserted haunted house. To get revelers in the mood as they approach their properties, moms and dads can play ghostly sounds from outdoor stereos, and of course some Halloween music is a must indoors.


As long as moms and dads are organized, they should find planning these parties to be straightforward. On the day itself, it’s important that they have plenty of adult helpers on hand to keep an eye on the youngsters.


Natasha Friend is a full-time mom of three who loves to save money and get the best value from it.


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