Poo Poo in the Pottie

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Poo Poo in the Pottie

One of my favorite commercials on TV featured a little girl announcing to everyone she encountered in a large store, “I poo poo in the pottie”. Don’t remember the product being sold but the toddler was adorable. I also could relate to the sense of accomplishment she felt with finally conquering potty training. For most kids this ranks third only behind, speech and walking. For most Parents, potty training is number one.

When my son hit that magical 18 month mark, well meaning parents from my local church started putting the pressure on to get him “trained”. I hate to say it, but I honestly believe it had more to do with Nursery Workers not wanting to change diapers than it had to do with my son’s development.

All kinds of wacky ideas were offered…. things like “get him to pee in a jar”, “let him run around naked so that when he pees it will get all over him, he won’t like it so he’ll want to pee in the potty”. Those were two of the more sane ones.

Of course I was not about to have my son run around naked, peeing in jars so I chose to ignore the “experts” and wait until his baby bladder developed a bit more. It takes time to develop muscle control.

Somewhere around the age of two and a half, the “Experts” began insisting I potty train. This time I listened, but chose to do things my own way.

Being all boy, my son could make any object into an imaginary gun so I dropped a few cheerios and fruit loops into the potty and told him to aim. Worked like a charm. I even carried a mini pack of cereal with me for when we had to go shooting at a public restroom.

Poo Poo in the potty was a whole different experience. Nothing seemed to work and it became a great source of contention between us. After several months, I decided to stop trying and just let him wear his Pull-ups until he was ready. We kept his little potty in the bathroom and a step up for the big potty and I let him know he could use either one.

Parenting Help Parenting Help Tips Parenting Tips Parenting Toddlers

Pottie Training

Several months went by, with Billy using the potty to go pee, but still needing his pull-ups to poop. Meanwhile, the “experts” continued to insist that I needed to be firm with Billy. I continued to ignore them, until one day I noticed someone had poo-pooed in the little potty. When he was ready, Billy chose to be a big boy and that was that.

The point is… don’t stress about potty training, don’t listen to the “experts” and be patient… Your child will not be wearing pull-ups at eighteen.

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