Pregnancy in the Teenage Years

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Pregnancy in the Teenage Years

Teenage pregnancy these days has been glamorized to look like it is something fun and desirable. The television show 16 and Pregnant, which airs on MTV is one that comes to mind for glamorizing this topic. I am sure many adult parents would look at this show and say it is not easy having a child as an adult but as a child having another child it is a more difficult situation. The television show displays some of the pain that these children are going through but not nearly enough to make children rethink unprotected sex.

The reality of teenage pregnancy is way different from what is displayed on television. When a teenager is pregnant they will notice the same symptoms that an adult would notice. The symptoms include stomach pain, chests will get larger and be more sensitive, a change in weight usually resulting in weight gain although sometimes if someone throws up a lot they may lose weight, tiredness, feeling weak and/or fainting, not having monthly menstruation, feeling nauseous and throwing up, and having the need to go to the bathroom quite often to pee.

The reason a teenager may get pregnant varies. Some teenagers feel they are mature enough to be parents and want to have a child. Although society might not see these children as adults they may feel they are caught in between not having enough power and having too much power over such a decision. Some younger teenagers end up having sex because an older teenager or an adult forced them to have sex. A child may find it difficult to say no when someone is using violence or other means of power to have sex with them. This can result in an unplanned or planned pregnancy. Some children that have difficulties at school might have unplanned sex. Teens from families that are living in poverty are more likely in neighborhoods that are not safe and more likely to engage in sexual activities. Another risk factor is a teenager that has already has a child and wants to have more children. Some teenagers have unprotected sex to keep a significant other from leaving them.

There are risks and dangers that come from being pregnant during the teenage years. There is an increase in fatalities for teenage mothers and their potential children. Illness is also significantly increased for the pregnant teen. Teenagers are more likely to have their babies earlier than the expected rate of pregnancy. The pregnant mother is also at a higher risk for high blood pressure. The high blood pressure might be due to the stress of having a baby.

When one is expecting a baby they have to think over all the options before deciding what would be best for the youth. If the teenager plans to have the child they need to have good prenatal care. They need to decide if they want to have the baby, give it up to for adoption, or have help in raising the children from close family and friends. All decisions a teen must carefully think over before making the final decision.

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