Quicksand! How it Works


Quicksand sometimes appears in movies and even in video games like Super Mario. And it even appears on the playground when kids pretend there is quicksand that they must avoid. It has a sort of ominous mystery about it- something a little scary.

Quicksand is really just a mixture of land and water though. An underground water source like a stream causes the sand particles to separate. The sand makes it look more solid than it really is. But it won’t “suck” you in, rather you could just sink in it. But if you can float in water, you can also float in quick sand.

There was a great show on PBS called ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ in which Bill Nye would explain science in a fun way.

He explains quicksand in the following clip:

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Author: ParentingMaven

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