Raising a Blond Teenager Can Be Entertaining

Raising a Blond Teenager can be Entertaining

I was once again reminded of a Blond Teenager Moment from my 14 year old Step Daughter. I have to bring this story back into play because it was a classic. This was two summers ago, my step daughter is a bit older now but the Blondness rears itself more than we would like to admit.

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I am 12 and I know Like Everything Like

Being a stay at home dad does have it’s moments. Some of the better ones are the Blond Moments of Kara.

My wife and I purchased a new entertainment center and were about to go pick it up, so I removed the TV, Stereo, DVD etc from the old entertainment center and placed it against the side wall. Next I moved the Old entertainment center away from the wall and up against the couch.

Funny Parenting Stories Parenting Help Parenting Teens Teen Parenting Teenage Parenting

The old entertainment center going to the trash

As you will see the wall were the old entertainment center was is completely blank, pictures are still on the wall and the couch is guarding the soon to be upgraded entertainment center.

My 12 year old Blond, Kara arrives home from school around 3:20 PM Daily. Today was no exception, but upon entering the house, Kara exclaimed. ” There’s Something Different

Kara, thinks and says, ” You painted the walls didn’t you!”
I reply, ” Yes Kara, Can’t you smell the Fresh Paint?
The Blond Kara Fires Back. “Yes, I knew it, I knew it!”

Again, there was no painting going on, nor a smell of fresh paint. The walls still had pictures and the entertainment center blocked the couch she usually will sit on to watch a now moved TV. Refer to the picture for the complete visual.

Blond moments are frequent in this household, but this one is a keeper!

Got a Blond Moment you would like to share? or any other Funny Parenting Experiences? Comment Below!!

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