Remembering A Good Mother!

My mother was a very good mother even though she had a rough time raising seven children on the farm. She cooked on a wood stove and the house was heated with fireplaces and we had no air conditioning. We did not have an indoor bathroom and did not have running water in the house.

Mother began the day by cooking breakfast and getting the kids ready for school. Then she milked the cows and gathered the eggs. In addition to cooking all the meals, she did chores on the farm.

It had to be tough raising seven children, six boys and one girl. Dad spent most of the time working at the sawmill or taking produce to the market after work. Mother, along with the children, was responsible for growing and harvesting the cotton, corn, watermelons, cantaloupes, and peanuts. We also had to care for the cows, chickens, and hogs.

Mother’s days were long and hard but she never complained. She was firm with us but never criticized or scolded us. She did give us a light spanking when we needed it, but followed it up with love. She was always kind and encouraging. Mother and dad provided a good Christian home for us. We rarely missed church.

Even though mother spent a lot of time working on the farm, she always cooked good meals. She always had a snack for us when we arrived home from school. Not junk food either. Maybe a baked sweet potato or a sausage biscuit. We appreciated this snack since we had to work from the time we arrived home from school until dark.

We enjoyed trips to visit with our grandparents and play with all of our cousins. There would be a lot of people at family reunions and the food would really be good.

I am glad that I was available to help care for my mother during her aging years as she struggled with Alzheimer’s. I remembered how patient, caring, loving, and understanding that she was while raising us. I tried to be as patient, caring, loving, and understanding to her as she was to us as babies and children.

My mother was like the mom in the Lets Be Honest post. She would have named someone else as being the best mom but to me she was one of the the best mothers.

Thank God for a good mother.

Author: ParentingUncle

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