Santa Will Get You for That!

Santa Will Get You for That!

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I’ll admit … I might have been a bit mean…. but this kid was asking for it!

As I exited the grocery store I happened to notice the little monster dumping over a magazine rack and stomping on the colorful brochures of a local Realtor.   Maybe he was unhappy with his new home or had a grudge against the Realtor… or maybe he just wasn’t getting his way and wanted to take it out on something.

Regardless of his reasons, it was just plain wrong and of course there wasn’t a parent in sight.

The boy was somewhere around six or seven and appeared to be very satisfied with his handy work.  He looked up at me with compete defiance and seemed to dare me to confront him.

I looked him square in the eye and said “I wonder if Santa just saw that?”.

His face went ghost white and his eyes grew big with fear.   I kept on walking, stepped over the brochures and headed to my car.

When I finally looked back, the little monster had grown a halo and was busy neatly re-stacking the brochures.

The power of Santa:-)

Author: ParentingMaven

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