Savannah Redding – Middle School Strip Search

Savannah Redding – Middle School Strip Search

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Parenting Help Parenting News Parenting Teens   I was at the other Gym the other night doing a little cardio bike ride. At most gyms as you know they’ll have the TVs turned on so you can watch while you’re doing your exercise.

As it so happens CNN was dialed in.

I don’t normally watch the news because it’s very negative and it puts your mind and spirit in a down place but they did have a story which caught my attention.

This girl was named Savanna Redding and she was a 13 year old middle school student in Arizona back in 2003.

The reason she was in the news last week and six years after the incident is because her court case had just now reached the Supreme Court.

And this is not a piece about the definition of “the right to a speedy trial”. Nor is it an article about the speed or lack of efficiency with which our legal system operates.

As a parent it should be of great concern to you when you have young children and especially young girls in elementary and middle school. Because where is the line and how well-defined is it which determines when your child is subject to a search without your consent?

Because this search was conducted on the spot and without first getting consent from her parents.

Obviously, they’re going to be people on both sides of this issue because it’s about parents and students and there are lots of different mindsets across the nation. You may be on the side that says they can’t touch or search your kid without your consent.

But there are also others who say the safety of my child shouldn’t be hindered because some other kid at school brings weapons or other dangerous elements into it which could be discovered by a search.

So it’s really about finding the balance there and that is something that most of us can agree upon.

Certainly, because this is an extremely controversial issue and there are strong feelings on both sides of it, is the reason the Supreme Court has gotten involved and it’s actually made it onto their docket.

Savanna now 19 years old had a brief interview with the guys at CNN and seemed a little bit shaken and still emotionally affected by the strip search incident six years ago.

Clearly, when kids are at this stage of their adolescence they’re very impressionable and traumatic experiences have a deep impression and long lasting effect on their memories well after the incident occurs.

This needs to be taken into account as we move forward and set the definition on the issue.

One final thing, since there are weapons and sometimes explosives being brought by kids to their schools where’s the line there? If one of the teachers or school administrators sees some sort of visible proof or enough hearsay evidence from enough student sources they can trust don’t they have a right to initiate a search or at least quarantine that student until parental consent can be obtained?

I’ll be interested in our lively conversation and do leave your comments about where you fall on this controversial issue. Do you believe it’s right to do middle school strip searches and under what circumstances?

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Author: Billy the kid

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